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Catalogue ASD laminat
ASD laminat ASD laminat

2007 Increased product variety by initiating HPL production. 2007 Began to produce own resin by establishing own reactor and impregnation lines. 2009 Increased the capacity of impregnation facility by 50% due to increased demand. 2010 Increased HPL production capacity by 100% through new investment. Production variety at various sizes increased along with this new capacity. 2011 Increased the capacity of impregnation facility by 35%. 2012 Invested in 1 CHPL and 1 HPL. 2013 Increased product variety and capacity by commencing the 2nd CHPL and 3rd HPL Presses. Having 4 impregnate lines, 2 CHPL lines, 3 HPL lines and 28.000.000 m2 annual production capacity in its facility, today ASD Laminate has become one of the most prominent companies of the sector. Continues its business activities regarding MDF, Laminated MDF, particleboard, laminated particleboard, OSB, PVC edge band, adhesive chemicals for forestry and laminate flooring products which are not included in its production range for 55 years through its quality and integrated service understanding.